Dinan® Rear Large Compressor Turbo for E82 135i/1M (N54)

Dinan® Rear Large Compressor Turbo for E82 135i/1M (N54)

Dinan® Rear Large Compressor Turbo for E82 135i/1M (N54)
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For the racing enthusiast, this is the ultimate upgrade to fully maximize the power output of your N54 engine. The compressor wheel inside the rear turbocharger is increased in size by 5mm enabling additional boost pressures at higher engine speeds while retaining efficiency. Furthermore, the Dinan® twin-turbo upgrades come with upgraded heavy duty wastegate pivots that are significantly more durable than stock. These items combine to create an engine that now produces over 14psi of boost at 6300 RPM and yields a maximum of 444 HP @ 6350 RPM / 450ft-lbs @ 3300 RPM. These larger compressor turbos REQUIRE Dinan Stage 4 performance software, as well as Dinan’s cold air intake, intercooler, and oil cooler to fully regulate the boost increase and deliver a polished product. In addition to the Dinan product, an aftermarket downpipe is also required although not sold by Dinan.

Benefits of the Dinan® N54 Big Compressor Turbos:

+ Upgraded, rebuilt and modified rear turbo with a heavy duty wastegate pivot
+ Larger impeller wheel (5mm larger than stock) enabling additional boost while retaining efficiency
+ Makes over 14 PSI at 6300 RPM
+ Maximum gains: 444 HP @ 6350 RPM and 450 ft-lbs @ 3300 RPM (In S3-R configuration)

Requires corresponding front turbo, R310-0081 to function properly.

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